Events Planning & Management

Events Planing & Management


Having been in existence since 2014. De-Kkej Company limited has built a strong and vibrant brand that has immensely contributed to shaping the events and entertainment landscape in Ghana. As a one stop production house, have developed the capacity to manage and produce any event or production of any size, in any part of the world, in either outdoor or indoor venues. Our ownership of a full range of production logistics, gives us a reasonable amount of control over production logistics to ensure a smooth and hitch less event management. We have a crack team of dedicated, young and highly qualified professionals whose passion is the engine that has driven our success over the past years.


De- Kkej promises to provide unique and hitch less events in the most professional way with top class production logistics as in available, comparable to any such activity held around the world. Delivering a much talked about experience which will forever leave an in edible mark on the minds of all who witness it. We are committed to delivering a high standard of services and value for money to our client. Our philosophy is that successful events are the result of listening to their client attentively and understanding their needs to ensure their objective for the event are met. With this in mind, we are passionate about keeping our customers needs at the heart of all we do so that we can create events that enable them to positively influence their audience. whether it is a big multi –national conference or board meeting of up to 20, we are flexible enough to offer either a turnkey solutions or a selection of our services. Simply pick and choose from our range of services below, and we will deliver the De-Kkej services we are known for servicig the following:


i. Board meetings

ii. Company picnics and barbeques

iii. Conferences

iv.Employee/clients Appreciation

v. Executive retreat

vi. Product launches

vii. Training workshops and seminars

Entrust all your concerns to De- Kkej events while we plan and organize your dream wedding, important corporate event, birthdays, anniversaries, showers or any occasion that requires a professional touch to ensure things go just the way you planned. We are a professional event management firm with immense experience and expertise to overcome all the concerns you may have in planning and organizing any function or event in a manner you wish to execute it with the finest details in order. We the certified planners bear the responsibility to ensure every event from start to finish is designe to make you happy. We look into all the aspect that need to be taken care of from the most obvious to the finest details that meet your level of satisfaction. We let you be free from worries and concerns that could shroud your thought while hosting an event. While you enjoy an important moment in your life we ensure everything is planned and organized just the way you desire. We also provide a wide variety of creative ideas and impart current trends and styles to your setting. We also offer you a wide variety of choice in the type of event you wish to host to ensure it benefits your image and lifestyle. We believe in making every event a one- of a kind memory to all those present at the event. If you are looking at coordinating events, managing vendors, creating a project plan, create an event itinerary, managing risks and issues and flawless execution of any event from start to finish. You can entrust all your concerns to De-Kkej Company Limited and feel free to enjoy a memorable moment in your life.