Chairman's message

Chairman's Message

Chiarman's Message

Dear Friends,
Welcome to our websites.

We are all constantly challenged to seek success in our ever-growing world of business, to make the World a better place.

Our Core Values which focuses on meeting the Stakeholder expectations will continue to create, innovate and sustain genuine legacy over centuries on what we have accomplished.

To us, we believe that the Vision and Mission will continue to protect and put the clients and all other Stakeholders first, focusing on people and structure development.

I am proud to be part of this amazing team which holds strongly the Companies Core Values, using them to promote business-friendly entities by keeping things simple, to better manage and grow businesses across the globe in line with our management philosophy.

We will forever be committed to create, innovate and develop relevant business models to suit our varied clientele irrespective of their jurisdictions. Not only will we transform and upgrade businesses; but we will also share opportunities and develop together with our partners. Stakeholders in general will enjoy our indelible footprints of success we intend to create and sustain for years to come.

On behalf of the Board, Management and Staff of De-Kkej Company Limited, kindly enjoy your navigation through our websites.

We say ‘’Akwaaba’’.
Kojo Sackey
Board Chairman.